Qualities of the Imams in Zaydism

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Salam alaykoum wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu dear Scholars of Zaydiyyah.

Briefly i am originally christian from Greece but i became Shia Jaafari (Twelver ) 5 years ago and i love Ahlulbayt(AS) to death but i realized that they were some doctrines that were not from AhlulBayt(AS) so finally after researching and praying, Allah (SWT) guided me to Zaydiyyah Alhamdulilah . I hope to learn good arabic so i can read in depth zaydi books but for now i require your help please

Since i was Jaafari Rafidhi , i know some qualities of the Imams (AS) were exagerated . Now i wanted to know in Zaydism do the Imams (AS) have :

1. Ilm Al Ghayb
2. Are they Masoom
3.Are they created from light and before all humanity
4. What differentiates an Imam for the Zaydis and for the Jaafaris ? I know that for Zaydis he must declare Jihad and be just but is there anything else ?

Also do Zaydis believe in Tawassul and intercession in general ? Is saying Ya Ali(AS) Madad allowed for example ?

I also saw that in some lists , Imam Zaynul Abideen (AS) is not included . Is it because he did not rise up to fight Jihad against the Taghut governors of Bani Ummayah ? Is he still considered an Imam ?

Thank you for your time

JazakhAllah Khair
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as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

We pray that all is well! We took a break from translation projects to address your questions. If you do a search on the forum, you will find that many of these questions have already been answered.

According to Zaydi thought, our imams do not possess knowledge of the unseen (ilm al-Ghayb). Such quality is not necessary or required for the imams to rule and govern. Even in situations where imams such as Ali (as) predicted future events, we say that this was told to him from the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny.

As for infallibility ('isma), the only personages with infallibility outside of the Prophet are the Companions of the Cloak, upon them be peace. This can be proven from the Book and Sunnah.

As far as them being created from light, I don't know of any narration from our imams that support this. The Qur'an says that human beings were created from dust so the concept of them being created from light seemingly contradicts the explicit text of the Qur'an. Even if a narration existed that said that they were created from light, such narration would no doubt be solitary (khabr al-waahid) and therefore subject to scrutiny.

As for the Zaydi concept of the imam, please peruse some of our translations of theological texts such as " The Precious Necklace ." You can also take a look at our translation " Sublime Answers " to see some differences between us and the Twelver School.

Your questions about Tawassul and saying "Ya Ali madad" have also been answered on our forum. Please conduct a search.

As for Imam Zayn al-Abideen (as), he is considered an imam of knowledge; however, since he didn't manifest the call to himself, he would not be considered an imam obligatory to obey.

And Allah knows best!


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