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I was talking to a 12er scholar. They said the when angel Gabriel spoke in hadithe Kisa he said "They are Fatima, her father, her husband, and her sons.”
The Arabic word for sons is a word that can only mean 3 or more. And therefore Infallibility extends beyond Hassan and Hussein to further lineage of bib Fatima. And for 12er this is the infallible imams.
What the zaidi view on this.

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I am assuming you are indicating to when he peace be upon him said هم فاطمة وأبوهاوبعلها وبنوها. In english there is either sigular and plural , in arabic it is a bit different. In arabic there is singular, plural, and what refers to two. There are many situations if not all where you can use the plural instead of the words for the two. for example: from the noble Quran {هذان خصمان اختصموا في ربهم} , the word اختصموا is used in plural to describe two sides. Arabic grammer is abit more complex than what I have tried to convey here but the main message is that the use of plural can be used for two.
When the prophet (peace be upon him and his progney) said "وبنوها" it is plural for sons, he could of used "ابنيها" which indicates that there are two, they both imply the same thing because the event made it obvious who is included.
Any person who was under the cloak(kisa) was included anyone that was not under the cloak was not. The prophet made sure to choose who was under the cloak, by proof that he politly did not allow Um Salamah (May Allah be pleased with her) to join.
Lets say we use the interpretation given by you, and we dont only consider the persons under the cloak, why dont we consider all the lineage of Fatimah (peace be upon her)? They would all be included in the word "بنوها", would they not?

Allah willing this answers your question.

And Allah knows best.
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