Non-Zaidi lectures

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Generally Zaidis do jummah and pray behind people of ahul sunnah. When we listen to khutbas from people of ahul sunnah, should we take what they're saying with a grain of salt? (If topic concerns seerah lesson or khutba on companion)

Also, since there are virtually no lectures in English online from zaydi scholars (except Dawud Walid), from which popular mainstream school of Islam should a zaydi listen to (12ver or Sunni?)


Thanks for your questions!

yes. in Yemen, Zaidis and Shafis pray together, intermarry, etc. There were virtually no problems before the Salafi menace.

Obviously, everything must be taken with a grain a salt--no matter who says it. There must be a firm foundation in one's own aqeeda before listening to anyone. One has a choice to listen to whomever they like; however, one should be firmly grounded in one's own beliefs and practice so as to not be misled.

And Allah knows best!


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