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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I know in Zaidi literature that there is a prohibition of doing niya'ah (wailing / lamenting) on the passing away of the person, such as there is narration from Imam Zaid ibn 'Ali (AS) that lamenting is one sign of satan's ceremony/action (I paraphrase the mattan). However, in Sunni there is narration of prohibition of doing niya'ah while Rasulullah cried for the colapse of his one of beloved sahabah Abdullah ibn Ubadah, by saying "Has he passed away (in the narration said as "until his time")"? Then sahabahs said, "Not yet yaa Rasulullah!" Then he cried, with his heart, without saying anything and other sahabahs followed to cry, then Rasulullah said, "Listen, verily Allah doesn't punish someone who cries due to sadness by his/her heart, except this utterance (lisaan) will be cursed by Allah (due to accusation he/she speaks out), or mercy (rahmah) (due to istirja' sentence)." Did Zaidi also report such narration?

Que 2 :
Has Zaidi also a narration that the death person (mayyit) would be punished due to niya'ah (wailing / lamenting) done by his ahli (families & relatives)?

Que 3 :
What is Zaidi's view on Abdullah ibn Rawahah ibn Tha'labah?

Que 4 :
Did Zaidi recognise the news of passing away of Ja'far ibn Abi Thalib (ra) in Mu'tah War were heard by Rasulullah by his mujizah (as like Sunni's view), or by reportage of other sahabahs, or both? (Mu'tah War is war of Muslim armies against East Rumawy armies, which ER armies are greater, are of 200,000 personnels)

I fully appreciate and thanks for the answer.

اللهم صل و سلم و بارك على محمد و آل محمد
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1) do you mean sa'd bin Ubada?
2) I dont think I have found that hadith before
3) He is a good companion. Among many things, He encourged the Muslim army during the battle of Mutah, and was martyred during this same battle.

4) the news was recieved via revelation before he was informed by anyone.

And Allah knows best
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