What is the zaidii ruling on walking towards Karbala for ziyarat of Imam Hussain

2 years 2 weeks ago #747 by Zaib
As salam o Alykum Brother i hope you guys are fine !!

1) I have question regarding the arbaeen walk . I have seen many Jaffris walking from Najaf al ashraf to Karbala it is a praisworthy act for Jaffris what is our (Zaidii) view regarding this matter ?

2) What is the ruling on keeping the pants above the toes ? Sunnis are very strict in this matter when ever i go to pray they fold their pants and keep them above their toes ! what is the zaidi view ? is it obligatory in Zaidism too ?

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2 years 1 week ago #753 by Imam Rassi Society
wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatullahi!

Thank you for your questions! As for the Arba'een Walk, I know of no such practice or its encouragement amongst our imams and scholars.

As for wearing the pants or anything else below the ankles, our imams and jurists say that it is considered discouraged (makruh) if done without pride and haraam if done out of pride. The prayer's validity is not affected if one prays with the garment below the ankles. [Ref. Majmu' al-Fawaa`id]

And Allah knows best!


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