What is IRS? Sufism, etc.

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1) What is the Imam Rassi society?

2) What is the Zaydi view of sufism and sufi tariqas

3) Are there any organized associations of Zaydis outside of Yemen?

4) Who are some english speaking Zaydi scholars?

5) Where is the main center of learning for Zaydi thought in the world? (For instance the Ithna Asharis have Najif and Qom, the sunnis have Al-Azhar)

Jazakallah kair
wa alaykum as salaam.

Thanks for your questions!

1.) The Imam Rassi Society is an international volunteer effort dedicated to the translation and dissemination of the works of Imam Zayd, al-Qasim ar-Rassi, Yahya al-Hadi and other imams of Ahl al-Bayt. We are not affiliated to any political movement nor are we financially supported by any party, organisation or the like.

2.) The science of spiritual purification is looked upon favourably and encouraged for both scholar and layperson alike. Islam (especially the Islam of the Ahl al Bayt) is a purification of beliefs, deeds and the heart. Therefore, each Muslim is to work on the inner and outer aspects.
As for the existence and development of organised 'brotherhoods' and the obsequious relationship between shaykh and mureed, these things are generally frowned upon as they tend to underemphasise the importance of the individual responsibility and the intellect.

3.) Unfortunately, no. There are efforts but no established organisations as yet.

4.) There is one American Zaidi, Dawud Walid. However, he would not classify himself as a scholar. There are some English-speaking Yemeni Zaidi students of knowledge. You can find them scattered on online forums.

5.) Most places in northern and Central Yemen. There are also schools in Najran, Saudi Arabia.

And Allah knows best!


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